Tales of Vesperia not coming to PS3 – Namco admitted that they sold the Western exclusivity to Microsoft! (Updated)

BandaiNamco community manager Charlotte Toci (probably tired of being flooded by angered PS3 gamers) wrote on her Facebook the awful truth : Namco accepted money from Microsoft in exchange for the exclusivity of Tales of Vesperia in the West. But Charlotte adds a disturbing point : “PS3 Tales of Vesperia won’t happen” she says, meaning that… it is not just a timed exclusive! SquareEnix, Tecmo, Electronic Arts… many have accepted Microsoft’s largesses, but still had the DECENCY to release their games on PS3 later in superior versions.

But politness and gratitute towards generations of Playstation gamers doesn’t seem to be in BandaiNamco’s vocabulary. In her post, Charlotte Toci mentions PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain in an awkward attempt to justify the deal. Save that Heavy Rain has not been released on 360 in Japan and is not part of of series that has a long history on other platforms. She also hints at the upcoming Tales of Graces f, exclusive to PS3 in the West. I have played both in Japanese, and I can say that ToGf, while being a masterpiece itself, is not as good as Tales of Vesperia.

This means trouble, both for Charlotte Toci, who can start looking for a job, and for BandaiNamco whose reputation has been seriously damaged. Charlotte’s Facebook thread has been relayed by Kotaku, Eurogamer and many others.

And now they have to face me. I invite every PS3 gamer who are upset by all this to join me in my group in which I suggest to buy BandaiNamco games USED, so that OUR money goes to retailers rather than in this corrupted publisher’s pockets. It’s on Facebook, where everything began and everything must end.

If you still want your games on day one, you can also follow @vesperiaps3 (see the below banner)

/!\ UPDATE /!\ The thread at the origin of the buzz has been deleted from Charlotte Toci’s Facebook, but the news had spread too far already, and the young woman had to publish a mea culpa in which she points out that there was no contract at all, at that she was wrong to say so.


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